Justin Bieber concerts in Paris

The little lover-boy Justin Bieber is not that small, in fact he is one of the biggest and most popular people in the world at the moment. In September he will come to Paris and he will perform twice in the Arena Popb. For most people the European Championship that will be arranged in France …

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Mariah Carey Paris 2016

On April 21st it is time for the diva named Mariah Carey to come to Paris to sing our favorite songs from her newest album #1 To Infinity which was released in August 2015 and old hits from older records. Do you have a ticket for the Mariah Carey concert already? Time to prepare for …

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A-Ha concert in Paris

On the Fools day, that is on April the 1st, A-Ha will come to Paris to have a fantastic concert in Zenith de Paris. During the concert they will for sure be hunting high and low and maybe you can even see and hear The Living Daylight during the concert? A-Ha has created lots of …

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Iron Maiden concert in Paris

On June 10th the entire world, at least Europe, will look to Paris. But, most people will not look to Paris because of the Iron Maiden concert that will be arranged that evening, but because of the fact that on this evening the Euro 2016 will start and the opening match will be played at …

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Now you can watch Midnight in Paris online

If you love the city of Paris, then you will probably fall in love with the film Midnight in Paris as well. In this Woody Allen film from 2011 you can follow a family taking a trip to Paris which will greatly impact their lives, and then especially the lives of a young couple. Their …

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