Paris is ready for Euro 2016

The opening of match in Euro 2016 will be played in exactly 51 hours from now. Romania, France and all of Europe is looking forward to the tournament. Based on the weather forecasts it can not be guaranteed that the weather will be beautiful, but it seems to become a nice Friday without rain, but …

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Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris

Is Bruce Springsteen and his concert in Paris 2016 the highlight of the year? For sure not! But, if you are in town on July 11th, why not check it out? And do you know something. There will probably be lots of people in Paris on July 11th who are normally not there, but that …

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From Hercules to Darth Vader in the Louvre Museum

Want to watch a modern exhibition that carries the title: From Hercules to Darth Vader? That is the name of a temporary exhibition currently on display in the Louvre Museum. This exhibition opened in October 2015 and will be available to visitors of the Louvre Museum until July 4th in 2016. The goal of the …

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Where can I watch the Euro 2016 matches online?

I will not be able to make it to France for the Euro 2016, but I would love to watch the Euro 2016 matches online since I can not be there in person. Can you please tell me the best way to do so? It is a pity that you will not come to France …

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Justin Bieber concerts in Paris

The little lover-boy Justin Bieber is not that small, in fact he is one of the biggest and most popular people in the world at the moment. In September he will come to Paris and he will perform twice in the Arena Popb. For most people the European Championship that will be arranged in France …

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