Paris TransportationParis is one of the most modern cities in all of Europe. It has two main airports, Orly– and Charles de Gaulle. Inside the country you can find good railways, and within Paris you will find metro, bus and trams helping you get around from A to B.

If you have the strength Paris can also be seen on foot. This is probably the best way to catch the magic atmosphere of the French capital. It is possible to travel on bike in Paris, and the French people are quite used to bicyclers and there are often special space left for bicyclers to use. Many places can help you rent a bicycle. Quite some places the first 30 minutes are free.

If you would rather travel on four wheels you can easily rent a car in Paris. This is though only recommended for those not afraid of lots of traffic. The combination of the French way of driving, lack of paint showing where you should drive, bicycles and people walking across the road within paying attention to the right or the left, should be considered before you rent a car and go for it in the center of Paris.

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