Christmas markets in Paris 2016


The annual Christmas markets will open in Paris in 2016 as well. Want to know more about the Christmas markets in Paris? What about the dates for the Christmas markets in Paris?

We have already written a quite detailed article describing the most popular and famous Christmas markets in Paris. The most famous of them all is located just by the Eiffel Tower, but there are also Christmas markets located by the Notre Dame, near th Champs Elysees and lots of other places in Paris.


So far lots of dates for the Christmas markets in Paris are missing, but we will do our uttermost to update this article with more detailed information as we get our hands on the updates Paris Christmas markets dates and much more.

Dates for the Christmas markets in Paris 2016

Christmas market by the Eiffel Tower / Trocadero

The dates for this Christmas market have not been announced yet!

Christmas market by Notre Dame

This market will be open from December 16th till December 25gh

Christmas market in Disney Land

If you plan on visiting Disney Land (Disney Village / Euro Disney), then they will celebrate Christmas there between November 11th and January 8th

Christmas market by Champs Elysees

The dates are not announced yet

This is all the information we have to give you at the moment. If you know more than us, please write a comment and share your insight related to dates and Christmas markets in Paris.

If you want to visit some other beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, then the Christmas markets in Brussels are beautiful as well, and they are not so far from Paris!

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