Christmas markets in Paris 2017

Christmas market in Paris 2017

Christmas is soon upon us, but before the big Christmas celebration, let us visit a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Paris in 2017?

At the time we are writing this article, little can be known about the Christmas market dates in Paris. There will be lots of grandevous Christmas markets in Paris, but the dates for the markets haven’t been made official yet.

Christmas market in Paris 2017
Christmas in Paris – By Felix Catana / Shutterstock

Christmas market by the Eiffel Tower

By the Eiffel Tower, there will be a very nice Christmas market combined with a big ice rink. The market is one of the most beautiful places to visit before Christmas.

Dates: nothing set yet

Christmas market in Champs-Elysées

This might be the most frequently visited Christmas market in Paris, considering its magnificent location. The markets open around 10.30 every day and stay open until midnight (and sometimes even longer).

Dates: nothing set yet

Christmas market at Montparnasse

This is the market known for its local food and snacks. Why not take a look at the Christmas market at Montparnasse while in Paris?

Dates: no official dates available yet

Christmas market by Notre Dame

When you visit Paris, you will for sure visit the beautiful Notre Dame. So, why not combine your visit to the church with a little look around at the Christmas market outside the Notre Dame church? Here you can buy lots of hand-made products, and there will also be a stage with entertainment, and people even say that Santa Claus will drop by this market.

Dates: not available yet

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