Asterix Park

If you want to visit the only place in the world with real Gallic spirit, you need to visit the Asterix Park located 30 kilometers outside Paris. The park first opened in 1989 and has turned into one of the coolest activities for tourists in the Paris area since then.

Inside the park you can enjoy more than 30 activities for the entire family. Some of the activities will create some adrenaline, while others are more enjoyable and relaxing. In the park there are also unique shows on display where you can enjoy the humor as we all know it from the Asterix stories.

The Asterix Park is also a hit for those in love with history. In the park you can in fact visit different worlds portraying the Gaul world, The Roman Empire, the Greek world, The Viking period, the Egyptian empire and a Travel Through Time. If this sounds boring, just jump on “The Thunder of Zeus” which is one of the biggest roller coasters in all of Europe.

The park also has a Delphinarium where you can see dolphin shows and stages where you can see other stunts and theater performances. If you want to visit the Asterix Park you can find tickets including transport from Paris to the park as you visit Paris City Vision.

Asterix park in Paris
Asterix park in Paris

Asterix Park Paris

Open from: April – November every year

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