Musée du Luxembourg

Musée du Luxembourg

Musée du Luxembourg is a cool museum in Paris, France. It’s not just any museum; it’s in a fancy building that looks like a palace! Imagine big, beautiful rooms with amazing artwork inside.

The building itself is old and grand, like a castle from a fairy tale. It’s in the Luxembourg Gardens, which are like a big, fancy park. So, when you go to the museum, you also get to enjoy the lovely garden around it.

Now, let’s talk about what’s inside! The museum is all about art, especially paintings and sculptures. You’ll see famous pieces by artists who lived a long time ago, like from the Renaissance period. These artists are like the rock stars of the art world!

When you walk through the museum, you’ll see colorful paintings that tell stories or show beautiful landscapes. Some sculptures might make you go, “Wow, how did they make that?” It’s like stepping into a time machine and seeing art from way back.

The Musée du Luxembourg is all about temporary exhibitions. That means they change what’s on display sometimes. It is important to notice that when there are no temporary exhibitions on display, the entire museum is closed. In other words, this museum is all about temporary exhibitions.

Musée du Luxembourg

Address: 19 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

Opening times: 10:30 – 19:00 (when there is an exhibition on display)

Temporary exhibitions in the museum.

March 2024
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How to get to the museum?

RER: line B, to Luxembourg (exit Jardin du Luxembourg)
Metro: line 4, to Saint Sulpice; line 10, to Mabillon
Bus: lines 58, 84, 89, to Luxembourg; Lines 63,70, 87, 86, to Saint Sulpice