The Bastille has been invaded and destroyed, but it still serves as an important landmark to the French people today. It was originally built as a house for Charles V., on the right side of the Seine. Only later during the reign of Louis XIII. was it turned into the national prison and a sign of oppression. Among the famous prisoners you can find people such as Voltaire and “The Man in the Iron Mask.” They liberated the Bastille in 1794 and since then that date (July 14th) has been a day to remember in the French history.

If we go to the location of the former Bastille we will not see anything today. In the middle you can see the 50 meter high July statue, which was raised in 1830 in remembrance of the fallen French soldier. You can also find the second Opera house of Paris here, Opéra Bastille. It has been built in a modern style and serves as the cultural center of this part of Paris.

Bastille historical pictures