Louvre was originally a Royal Palace, but today it is famous because of the museum found on the inside. The first palace was built here in the 12th century, which rather looked like a fortress. During the reign of Charles V, they expanded the building and later several other rulers kept on building more and more to the original palace. Kings lived here until the end of the 17th century. As they moved out the palace started falling apart, but Napoleon started the renovation work as he moved into the palace again.

Since 1973 Louvre has been the largest museum in Paris, and here we can see works not only from Europe but also from the Islamic, Eastern, and Greek cultures. There are many paintings to be seen in Louvre, the most famous probably Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. You are not allowed to take pictures here, and guards keep on telling tourists all day long not to take pictures of the Mona Lisa. She is also protected behind a glass, to make it even harder to get to her.

In addition to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, you can also find the works of Rafaello, Tiziano, Rembrandt, and Van Dyck here. There are also many objects and statues to see in the Louvre, for example, “Venus de Milo.”

The glass pyramid which is the entrance to the museum, has turned into the symbol of the Louvre museum. It is almost 22 meters high and 36 meters wide. This pyramid also played a very important part in the film “The Da Vinci Code.

Louvre Museum

Address: 75001, Paris Cedex 01.
Opening times: 9-18, Mondays and Wednesdays until 21.45. Tuesdays closed.
Metro: Palais Royal

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