Orly Airport to Paris

Orly Airport

Orly is a big and popular airport in Paris. If you arrive to Orly Airport, it is not very hard to find your way to the center of Paris. This article will give you all the information you need to make your travel from Orly Airport to Paris easy and relaxed.

You can travel between Orly Airport and Paris in several ways. The easiest option is to use a private taxi, but if you want a cheaper solution, there are different public transportation options worth considering.

Travel with OrlyVal

Orlyval is a shuttle train that connects the different Orly terminals with the RER B station named Antony. As you reach Antony, you can travel with Rer B to the city center of Paris and popular stations such as Chatelet, Gare de Nord, Stade de France, and many others.

RER B in Paris
Click the Rer B map above to see it in a larger version.

OrlyVal travels from approximately 5:30 in the morning, and the travel time from Orly to Antony is about 30 minutes. The travel price for an adult is €‎14. You can buy tickets from the ticket machines next to the train.

Travel with OrlyBus

Another option is to travel with OrlyBus. This is a bus connecting Orly Airport with Denfert-Rochereau in Paris. This bus travels between 6:00 and 24:00. The price for a one-way ticket is about €‎13, and the bus travel time is 30 minutes. You can buy tickets for the bus from the machines next to the OrlyBus stop.

A map showing the OrlyBus travel route.

As you reach Denfert-Rochereau, you can easily travel with the Rer B train (see the map above), or with metro line number four or six. You can see a full Paris metro map here.

Travel by tram and metro.

The cheapest way to travel from Orly Airport to the city center of Paris is by tram number 7 (T7). As you arrive at Orly Airport, you can see signs in the direction of this tram in the arrival hall. The tram is located a short distance from Orly terminal four. If you are at Orly Airport terminal three, you should expect to walk for approximately 15 minutes in an average tempo to reach the tram stop. If you walk slowly or arrive at terminal 1 or 2, you must calculate that you will use even more time to reach the tram line.

Orly Airport terminal map.
Orly Airport terminal map.

To reach the tram, follow the signs in the direction of T7. This will take you through tunnels and halls. Ultimately, you will see a tram stop where you can buy tickets and travel with tram 7 to Villejuif – Louis Aragon.

Tram number seven in Paris.

The travel time from Orly Airport to Villejuif – Louis Aragon is approximately 30 minutes. You can buy tickets for the ride from the machines at the tram stop. Do not forget to validate your ticket as you enter the tram and keep it until you leave the tram.

As you reach Villejuif – Louis Aragon, you can travel by metro number seven towards the center of Paris. You need a new transportation ticket for the metro, but once you have entered the metro, you can switch lines with the same ticket until you leave the metro system. The total cost of one tram ticket plus one metro ticket is €‎2.20 x 2, meaning that the final cost for this transportation method, including the tram and the ticket for the metro system, is €‎4.40.

Metro line seven in Paris.
Metro line seven in Paris. Click the map for a larger version.

These are the different options for traveling between Orly Airport and the center of Paris using public transportation. Would you rather travel more conveniently? Use the form below to book a private airport transfer.

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