Champs-Elyses is one of the most famous avenues in the entire world, and it is located right in the middle of Paris. The avenue was planned in the 17th century as a part of the royal road leading from Paris to Versailles. Still today it is an attraction in itself, and everyone visiting Paris should take a walk along the avenue.

Along Champs-Elyses you can today find lots of luxurious shops, around Christmas time you can find Christmas markets in the area, and this is also the location for national celebrations. A walk along the Champs-Elyses can start from the Arc de Triomphe where we will see cafes, cinemas, shops and restaurants. After a while we will pass near to the  the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais, and in the end we will be by the Place de la Concorde. If we continue on after that we will no longer by in Champs-Elyses, but we will soon be by the Louvre Museum. A really nice walk!

Champs-Elyses pictures