Eiffel Tower

Who hasn’t heard of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Even the person who claims to know nothing about Paris, will recognise the Eiffel Tower easily. The tower is raised above the embankment of the Seine, and it gives its visitors a stunning view over entire Paris. The construction was made for the World’s Fair in 1889, based on the drawings of Gustave Eiffel.

Originally it was only raised for the World’s Fair, and it faced a lot of opposition. For example Alexandre Dumas was against construction the tower, but later life proved him wrong in his opposition. Already in the first month after the construction more than 2 million people visited the tower, and since then it is the number one landmark of Paris. The tower is 322 meters high, with the first floor on 58 meters, the second on 116 meters and the third floor on 276 meters!

If you visit Paris, you should not miss out on the Eiffel Tower. There are always long lines in front of the ticket stands, so be prepared and come early. Inside the tower you can use elevator to get all the way up to the third floor, but for those with lots of energy the stairs can also be used (though not all the way up to the third floor).

Eiffel Tower pictures