Paris Marathon 2024

Are you ready to discover Paris on foot? Would you like to see the beauty of Paris while running a marathon? The annual marathon in Paris is one of the world’s biggest and best marathon races. Will you run it yourself this year?

A marathon covers a distance of more than 42km. It is a battle against the clock, but for most participants, a battle against your own body. Many people register for this marathon a year in advance and then start to exercise. Will they make it? Running a marathon is something that requires discipline and brain strength. You cannot run a marathon on impulse because, without the proper preparations, it is impossible and can be considered dangerous. In other words, prepare in time, exercise a lot, find some training buddies, and register for one of the best marathons in the world.

The Paris Marathon in 2024 will be special because it will be a part of the Olympic Games arranged in the French capital in July, August, and September. This is your chance to run exactly the same route as the best marathon runners in the world. While the Olympic marathon is arranged during the daytime, the normal marathon is arranged at dusk. The number of spots are very limited. As a result, you need a lot of luck if you are to be one of the lucky runners able to participate in this marathon. You can read more exact information at

Paris Marathon 2024

August 10th, 2024

Start: Hotel de Ville

The best winning time for Paris Marathon is from 2021. Elisha ROTICH was the winner then and finished the marathon at 2:04:21. Maybe your goal is to finish the race in 3 or 4 hours? It doesn’t matter! Come to Paris, run a marathon, and enjoy the view of the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and other popular Paris attractions while doing so.

If you want to make April a fantastic marathon month, why don’t you also apply for London Marathon? It is arranged three weeks after the Paris marathon, meaning there is time for restitution and relaxation before you jump at it again.

paris marathon


Aug 10 2024

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