Notre-Dame is for sure on the most beautiful Gothic style buildings in all of France. The church was built for more than 157 years, and was finished in 1320. During the French revolution the church as almost completely destroyed, but has since then been restored back to almost original design again.

The cathedral is one of the most important buildings of Paris, and that is not a coincidence. It has beautiful windows and has space for more than 9000 people. Notre-Dame has three main gates, and at the central gate you can see “The Last Judgment”. The organ has more than 7800 pipes, and is said to be one of the finest organs in the world.

Notre-Dame is a must-see attraction while in Paris. There are also benches inside the church where you can sit down, take a sip of the atmosphere and simply relax. Notre-Dame is free to visit for everyone.

Notre-Dame pictures