Notre Dame is for sure of the most beautiful Gothic-style buildings in all of France. The church was built for more than 157 years and was finished in 1320. During the French Revolution, the church was almost completely destroyed but later restored to its original design. The newest tragedy happened in 2019 when a big fire took place in the church. Large damage was made, but lots of support has come from all across the world in order to restore the church back to its original beauty.

The cathedral is one of the most important buildings in Paris, and that is not a coincidence. It has beautiful windows and has space for more than 9000 people. Notre Dame has three main gates; at the central gate, you can see “The Last Judgment.” The organ has more than 7800 pipes and is said to be one of the finest organs in the world.

Notre Dame is a must-see attraction while in Paris. There are benches inside the church where you can sit down, and take a sip of the atmosphere and relax. For a long time, it was free to visit Notre Dame, but that is not so anymore.

Can I visit Notre Dame in 2023?

It is currently impossible to visit the church due to the renovation work. For a long time, the square in front of the church was closed to visitors as well, but that is once again open to visitors (and free to visit).

Notre Dame entrance fee

The church is currently closed to visitors, but if it will proceed with the pre-COVID and pre-FIRE prices, we can expect the entrance fee to be around 20 euros.

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