Ceilings in Paris in the 17th century

Tak i Paris

Lots of things took place in the 17th century, and in France the ceilings were revolutionized. They were no longer just flat, they had curves and bends in them, and painters did their uttermost to make every ceiling a piece of art.

In this new exhibition on display in the Louvre museum in Paris you can see more than 80 prints and drawings of ceilings made in the 17th century. The exhibition will be on display from February 20th until May 19th in 2014, so make sure to visit the French capital during this period to see this winner of an exhibition. And who knows, maybe you will inspired to paint your own roof as you come back home again?

There is no extra entrance fee required to see this exhibition, except from the basic entrance fee to the Louvre museum which is 12 Euro.

Tak i Paris

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