Coldplay Paris 2012

Coldplay Paris 2012

Coldplay Paris 2012Coldplay visited Paris in December 2011, and soon they are returning to Paris again. We are for sure lucky here in the capital of France, because there are not many places who are visited by Coldplay that frequently. The concert in December 2011 was packed and we are sure that the concert on September 2nd in 2012 will be just as crowded.

When Coldplay visited Paris in 2011 the concert venue was Bercy, but this time Coldplay will do their concert in Stade de France. Consider the fact that Bercy can only seat at the most 17000 people, while Stade de France has a capacity on more than 80000 people. This will be a crazy event where everyone who wants to are invited to come. Coldplay performing at the same stadium where France won 3-0 against Brazil in the World Cup Final in 1998, what a place.

Coldplay, the band which was formed in 1996, led by the vocal Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland, has since then enjoyed a popularity almost unmatchable in the 21st century, and their tours are packed wherever they go. This tour will be in honour of their newest album released in the end of 2011, Xylo Myloto, their first studio album, which the best selling rock album in the UK in 2011.

If you want to be there at the Coldplay concert in France at Stade de France, you can find more information about tickets and possibility to buy tickets using the link further down on this page.

Coldplay Paris 2012
September 2nd, 20.00
Stade de France

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