Dali’s Wall Exhibition – Paris exhibition

Dali Paris

Dali ParisThis exhibition displays surrealism combined with street art. The Espace Dali invited 20 street artists to imagine a meeting with Salvador Dali and to see art through his eyes.

The artists used Dali as an inspiration at their works and combined with Dali’s crazy, unusual and unique imagination with the contemporary urban arts. Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who is best known for his bizarre and striking images and paintings. His art work and painting technique was inspired by the Renaissance painters. He was deeply inspired by the painters from that period of time. He didn’t have boundaries at art but this way he was able to experience art in a new way. He liked to be defined as the artist of the people. The twenty artist who used the walls of the street as their canvas combined with Dali’s extreme style and as an inspiration created something new and different than before. The perfect results of surrealism and art works can be seen during this exhibition in Paris, where surrealism and street art meets as they have never before. The exhibition takes place in Paris, in Espace Dali, from Thursday 11th September until Sunday 15th March 2015.

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