Metallica Paris

Metallica will do a fantastic two-day event at Stade de France in Paris in May this year. The first night is May 17th, and the second is May 19th. What is so special about that? They will do completely different concerts on those days, meaning you need to be at both if you are a hard-core Metallica fan.

Metallica is on their so-called M72 World Tour, and this is a concept they have developed. As a result, Paris isn’t the only city where they will perform twice, but that is the concept wherever they go. The band will not visit many European cities, so if you are a fan, buy tickets as soon as possible.

Besides Paris, Metallica will also visit Munich, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and Madrid.

Metallica Paris 2023

Stade de France
May 17&19

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May 17 - 19 2023


Stade de France
Stade de France

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