Backstreet Boys Paris 2014

On March 18th it is time for Backstreet Boys in Paris. The Venue Zenith De Paris will be packed with people around 20.00, all waiting for the boys, or maybe men by know, to enter the stage.

Paris is the city of love, so no wonder why Backstreet Boys choose to visit the city on their European tour in 2014. To be modest, there are probably tens of thousands of girls still in love with the guys in Backstreet Boys! If you are in love with the guys, or maybe not, but still want to be there at the Backstreet Boys concert in Paris on March 18th, buy your concert tickets today and be among the first in the line.

And by the way, while in Paris, do not forget to visit all the famous attractions and check out all the cool activities waiting for you in town.

Backstreet Boys Paris

Backstreet Boys Paris 2014

March 18th, 20.00
Zenith de Paris