Bruce Springsteen Paris 2013

Paris is the city of love and lights. And now, it’s 2013, the new year, so the city gets more beautiful than ever. Bruce Springsteen is coming to town on June 29th 2013 to make a wonderful concert.

Bruce Springsteen is a veteran rock star. He was born in New Jersey, 1949. He was very young, only 16 years old, when he started the work of a musician, but the fame reached him and his group, the E Street Band, only in 1975 gratitude for their 3rd LP, the Born to Run.

Mr. Springsteen’s group is a faithful company of the singer from the early time, they will work together at this tour too. The Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band should deserve a medal for their industry, because the reason of their next world wide concert tour is the 30th album, the Wrecking Ball.

This concert will be a binding program for everyone in this summer, where we can celebrate together the 30th present of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s job. We could sing together the Philadelphia, the Dancing in the Dark, the River and more number one hits. The show, which will surpasses all waiting, will be at 29 June 2013 in Stade de France, in Paris. Tickets for the concert are available from 9 AM, 5 December 2012. Have a good time!

Bruce Springsteen Paris 2013

Stade de France
June 29th

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Bruce Springsteen Paris 2013

Bruce Springsteen Paris 2012

Bruce Spring and his E Street Band will be out touring the most important cities in Europe in 2012, and one of the stops on the tour will be in Paris. Here they will do concerts on July 4th and 5th. If you would like to see and hear Bruce Springsteen live in Paris as he performs in Bercy, you can buy tickets for this cool Paris concert using the links on this page.

Bruce Springsteen Paris
July 4th & 5th, 2012

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