Christmas markets 2023.

The annual Christmas markets in Paris are definitely worth visiting. These markets are awesome if you want to buy Christmas presents or maybe enjoy some hot drinks in the cold. There are Christmas markets across Europe in November and December, but the Christmas markets in Paris are among the most beautiful.

The most famous Christmas market in Paris is located at Place de la Concorde, along the Champs Elysees, not far from the Louvre museum. There are several other markets as well, and here you can see the dates for some of the most famous and popular Christmas markets in Paris.

The dates for the Christmas markets in Paris in 2023.

The dates for the Christmas markets in 2023 are not yet official. We will publish them as soon as they go official. Until then, you can do some calculations based on the dates of the Christmas markets in 2022.

Dates for the Christmas markets in 2022.

Would you like to know more about the different Christmas markets? Click the link above to visit the websites of the different Christmas markets (at least those with one).

Besides the markets above, there are normally nice Christmas markets by the Eiffel tower, on Place de la Bastille, by the City Hall, and several other places.

Christmas markets in Paris 2017

Christmas is soon upon us, but before the big Christmas celebration, let us visit a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Paris in 2017?

At the time we are writing this article, little can be known about the Christmas market dates in Paris. There will be lots of grandevous Christmas markets in Paris, but the dates for the markets haven’t been made official yet.

Christmas market in Paris 2017
Christmas in Paris – By Felix Catana / Shutterstock

Christmas market by the Eiffel Tower

By the Eiffel Tower, there will be a very nice Christmas market combined with a big ice rink. The market is one of the most beautiful places to visit before Christmas.

Dates: nothing set yet

Christmas market in Champs-Elysées

This might be the most frequently visited Christmas market in Paris, considering its magnificent location. The markets open around 10.30 every day and stay open until midnight (and sometimes even longer).

Dates: nothing set yet

Christmas market at Montparnasse

This is the market known for its local food and snacks. Why not take a look at the Christmas market at Montparnasse while in Paris?

Dates: no official dates available yet

Christmas market by Notre Dame

When you visit Paris, you will for sure visit the beautiful Notre Dame. So, why not combine your visit to the church with a little look around at the Christmas market outside the Notre Dame church? Here you can buy lots of hand-made products, and there will also be a stage with entertainment, and people even say that Santa Claus will drop by this market.

Dates: not available yet

Christmas markets in Paris 2016

The annual Christmas markets will open in Paris in 2016 as well. Want to know more about the Christmas markets in Paris? What about the dates for the Christmas markets in Paris?

We have already written a quite detailed article describing the most popular and famous Christmas markets in Paris. The most famous of them all is located just by the Eiffel Tower, but there are also Christmas markets located by the Notre Dame, near th Champs Elysees and lots of other places in Paris.


So far lots of dates for the Christmas markets in Paris are missing, but we will do our uttermost to update this article with more detailed information as we get our hands on the updates Paris Christmas markets dates and much more.

Dates for the Christmas markets in Paris 2016

Christmas market by the Eiffel Tower / Trocadero

The dates for this Christmas market have not been announced yet!

Christmas market by Notre Dame

This market will be open from December 16th till December 25gh

Christmas market in Disney Land

If you plan on visiting Disney Land (Disney Village / Euro Disney), then they will celebrate Christmas there between November 11th and January 8th

Christmas market by Champs Elysees

The dates are not announced yet

This is all the information we have to give you at the moment. If you know more than us, please write a comment and share your insight related to dates and Christmas markets in Paris.

If you want to visit some other beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, then the Christmas markets in Brussels are beautiful as well, and they are not so far from Paris!

Christmas Market in Paris 2015

The time of the Christmas Markets is almost back again so in this short article we will list the best available Christmas Markets in the capital city of France, Paris. Like in every year Christmas preparation can not be complete without the Christmas Markets.

Christmas Market in Paris

In Paris several Christmas Markets will open their gates from the middle of November, the best andd most popular fairs in the city will be found at Champs Elysees, at Place Saint-Sulpice, Palace Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Montmartre, at the Notre-Dame, at La Defense and so on. The markets are one of the best places if you want to get the Christmas presents for your loved ones while you are having a good time enjoying the typical Christmas Market dishes and beverages. So far only the following Christmas Market opening dates are scheduled.

The Christmas Market on Champs Elysees will open its gates from 15th November 2015 until 4th January 2016. The market is open every day from 12.00 pm to midnight except on Friday and Saturday when it is open from 12.00 pm to 1.00 am.

The market at La Defense will be open from 19th November 2015 to 27th December 2015 every day from 11.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

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Christmas Markets in Paris 2014

This year like every year the Christmas Markets will open its gates again in Paris. December is a really special time of the year as it is the time of Christmas and New Year’s. In Paris there are several Christmas markets in the city during the Christmas period and it is one of the highlights of the city’s life.

Christmas market paris

This tradition has been held in Paris and in other cities for centuries and it is one of the most important events around Christmas. At the Christmas markets visitors can easily do their pre-Christmas shopping and it is a perfect place to get in the festive spirit. Paris has a lot of markets which are open from the middle of November until the beginning of January. In this article we will list some of the best Christmas markets in the city.

Champs Elysées Market is the largest Christmas market in Paris. It is located in the central of Paris and it is definitely one of the most popular and visited markets in the city. The Christmas market is along the Champs Elysées which is the the main shopping street of the city. The Christmas Market at Champs Elysées will be held from 19th November 2014 to 2nd January 2015.

Champs Elysées Market
Avenue Des Champs-Elysees, 75008, 8th Arrondissement

How to get there:
Metro: Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau station

Saint Sulpice Christmas Village is located in the heart of the city. This is not the biggest Christmas markets in Paris but it still has a wide selection of the best quality products. At the Christmas village you can buy the best hand made Christmas presents made out of wood, glass and textiles. The Saint Sulpice Christmas Village will be open from 1st December 2014 until 24th December 2014.

Saint Sulpice Christmas Village
Place Saint-Sulpice, 75006, 6th Arrondissement

How to get there:
Metro: Saint Sulpice or Saint Germain des Pres stations

Marche Saint-Germain is also located in the centre of Paris really close to the main attractions in the city. The Christmas market is located nearby to the metro station Saint-Germain-des-Pre. At the Christmas market you can choose from a wide range of different crafts and local products. The market is really close to the Saint Germain church and the famous literary cafes including Lex Deux Magots and Cafè de Flore. The Christmas market is open from 6th December 2014. until 2nd January 2015.

Marche Saint-Germain
Place Saint- Germain Des Pres, 75006, 6th Arrondissement

How to get there:
Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Pres station

This Christmas Village is located at the Trocadero nearby to the Eiffel Tower. This Christmas village is one of the biggest in Paris. At the market you can choose from a wide selection of the best Christmas gifts and you can also try the best traditional Christmas dishes and sweets from the market. The Christmas Village at the Trocadero will be held between 8th December 2014 until 2nd January 2015.

Christmas Village at the Trocadero
Trocadéro, Paris, 75016, 16th Arrondissement

How to get there:
Metro: Trocadèro station