Black Sabbath concert in Paris 2013

People usually say that Paris is the city of love, where loving couples walk on the streets with hand on hand, whisper nice things to each others ears and sometimes they give a secret kiss to each other when nobody sees. But if somebody travels to this amazing city on 2 December 2013, do not expect for romance, because the hilarious Black Sabbath will give a concert in the French capital!

The heavy metal’s first representatives are familiar for everyone. The Black Sabbath founded in 1968 in England, exactly in the city Birmingham. The band’s original members were the singer John “Ozzy” Osborne, the guitarist Tommy Iommi, the bass guitarist Terence “Geezer” Butler and the drummer Bill Ward. The Black Sabbath is active in music life for forty years; however they fell silent for a while in 2006. The band had 22 musicians in their career; we can say the member changing was constant.

Those who love Black Sabbath, but haven’t got the chance to go to a concert, the perfect time is coming, because the fathers of heavy metal will go to a worldwide tour, and they will visit the French capital, the wonderful Paris too. Rock lover honeymooners, friend groups and everybody, who love it, this is a never-come-again program! Have a big party with the Black Sabbath on 2 December 2013 at the 8 – 12 bd de Bercy in Paris! Have fun!

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath concert
December 2nd

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