Easter in Paris

Easter paris

What can you do in Paris during Easter? In this short article, we will list some of the possibilities you can do in Paris during Easter. Easter is one of the most important Christian feasts or holidays when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So in this occasion plenty of Easter related programs are waiting for everyone in Paris. As Easter is a traditional family celebration several family and Easter related programs are waiting for all the visitors in Paris during the feast such as the egg hunt which will take place on 5th April (2015) at the Champ de Mars from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon which is a great program for children.

At the egg hunt children must find eggs which they can exchange to real chocolate in the end. Another perfect program for families and for children is the Easter at Disney Village. At Disney Village visitors can enjoy various programs including egg hunt, educational shows and countless other activities as well. In Paris the museums, pubs, bars, shops and restaurants are all open on Good Friday although maybe they are less busy than on a normal Friday.

As Easter Monday and Easter Sunday are public holidays the shops, restaurants and museums are closed on these days except Louvre which will be open.

Easter holiday in Paris is a perfect opportunity to get to know the real French traditions and culture.

Easter masses in Paris

Easter in Notre-Dame in ParisEaster is a time for traveling, relaxing and enjoying life. But, for some Easter is also about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore many look for church services or Easter masses during the holiday, and so also for visitors coming to Paris.

The most famous churches in Paris are the Sacré-Coeur and Notre-Dame and these have different Easter masses available. If you plan on visiting Sacre Coeur you can for example take the metro to Jules Joffrin and get to the church from there. On April 8th there will be services in the church at 9.00, 11.00 and 16.00. In addition to these there are Easter masses in the church also at 7.00 in the morning and at 18.00 and at 22.00 for those who would like to go late in the evening.  On April 6th there are special Long Friday services in the church at 10.00, 12.30, 16.00 and 19.00. The service at 19.00 is a special service named “Celebration of the Passion.”

If you would like to go to an Easter mass in the most famous church of Paris, in the Notre-Dame, the following services are available at the following times.

Easter services in Notre-Dame:
8.15am: Ringing of the Emmanuel bell
9.30am: Solemn Easter Laudes
10am: Gregorian Mass of the Resurrection
11.30am: Solemn Mass of the Resurrection
11.30am: Solemn Mass of the Resurrection
5.45pm: Solemn Easter Vespers
6.30pm: Solemn Mass of the Resurrection

It is not hard to get to the Notre-Dame, just take the metro to Cite and get of the metro, and within a few minutes you will find yourself inside the beautiful Gothic of Paris.

If you are looking for a more charismatic Easter service, why not pay a visit to the Hillsong Church in Paris? They have services available at 10.00 and 12.30 on April 8th at the following address: Théâtre Bobino, 20 rue de la Gaité, 75014 Paris