Do you want to cheer for France during the European Championships in football 2024?

France is without a doubt one of the biggest favorites to win the European Championships in football this summer. They went through the qualification in an impressive way in which they won all their matches except for a draw against Greece. Not only did they impress, but they won twice against the Netherlands, the team considered to be their hardest opponent during the group stage of Euro 2024. Would you like to cheer for the French gentlemen during the tournament? Would you like to cheer at a bar in Paris, or are you considering traveling to Germany to see some of the matches at the different stadiums? Here you have lots of ideas, information, and advice!

France will play three matches during the group stage of Euro 2024. The first match is on June 17 against Austria, then against the Netherlands on June 21, and finally against Poland on June 25.

As France played against the Netherlands during the qualification rounds for the tournament, they won the first match 4-0 after two goals scored by Mbappe, one by Griezmann, and one by Upamecano. The same players will likely be on the field, and knowing that Mbappe scored twice in the second match between the teams, makes me believe that he is a striker who likes to play against the Netherlands and that Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt will be eager to stop the French attacker during the European Championship in football this summer.

How and where to cheer for the French team during the European Championships in football this summer?

In Paris!

Would you like to watch the matches with hundreds or possibly thousands of others in Paris? Are there any public locations where you can watch the matches outdoors? There will be pubs and bars showing the matches, but we do not know about public squares or locations that will have big screens available for anyone to use. The problem is that the Summer Olympics is arranged later this summer and a lot of focus is on that event. UEFA also has very strict rules regarding showing the matches in public, and it requires a lot of security because having hundreds and possibly thousands of people gathered outdoors in an open area to watch a football match causes an immediate fear of terrorist attacks.

In other words, the best way to watch the matches from the European Championships in football in Paris is at a sports pub or bar somewhere in the city.

There are lots of them, and you can always ask in the reception of your hotel for advice. But to help you out, here you have a few names of places where you can watch the different matches on big screens during the tournament.

  • Auld Alliance
  • The Belushi’s
  • The Harp Bar
  • The Long Hop
  • The Café Odilon
  • The Bombardier

Do not forget to book a table in advance if you want to be sure to get a free seat in any of these bars.

football bars and pubs in paris

In your hotel room or apartment!

Another option is to find a TV in your hotel room or apartment and watch the different matches there. There are two networks responsible for showing the different matches from the European championships in France and those are M6 and TF1. Both channels are available online and in most hotels and apartments across the country, so a good option is to start the TV and look through the channels until you find the matches you are looking for.

If you don’t have a TV but would like to stream the matches online, then you can stream the matches on TF1 for free online at and at This only works if you are located in France. Suppose you want to stream the matches in some other country. In that case, there is a detailed guide describing how you can stream every match from the European Championships in football live at the Hungarian TV Channel M4 Sports in the Budapest Guide.

But, do not forget that France is located at a central location in Europe. Would it be a crazy thing to travel from Paris to the different locations where France will play during the championship?

At the different stadiums in Germany!

France will play its opening match against Austria in the city of Düsseldorf on June 17. What do we know about Düsseldorf? It is a city with more than 600,000 inhabitants and a very nice football stadium. The distance between Paris and Düsseldorf is exactly 500km, meaning that you can get from one city to the other in 5 1/2 hours according to Google. Do not forget that you also need time to park your car and to get to the stadium etc, but if you are fantastic, then it is definitely possible.

Another option is to extend your trip to France by spending some time in Metz or Reims. These magnificent cities are located closer to Germany, meaning that the ride from either Reims or Metz to Düsseldorf is shorter and faster.

The second match is against the Netherlands on June 21. That match will be played in Leipzig which is further away from the border than Düsseldorf. In other words, it is a longer ride, and making it more complicated to travel from Paris to watch the match. The distance is almost double compared to the distance between Paris and Düsselford, meaning it is almost 1000km between the two cities. Leipzig has a fantastic Christmas market before Christmas, but traveling 1000km only to watch France play against the Netherlands might be a lot for most of us.

The third match France will play is against Poland on June 25; they will travel to Dortmund this time. That city is closer to the border, but still far from Paris. The distance is about 575km, and it should take approximately 6 1/2 hours by car. One advantage here is that you get to experience the fantastic stadium of Borussia Dortmund, but the city of Dortmund itself isn’t the most special on earth.

Are you planning for France to win the tournament? The final will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, which is even further away from the border and from Paris. The distance is 1040km and you will spend more than 11 hours in your car if you drive between Paris and Berlin for this purpose.

The cheapest and easiest solution is probably to watch the matches in your hotel room, but another great option is to find a sports pub in Paris where you can watch the different matches.

Cheer for France with the rest of us, and let us hope that Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele, and all the others can bring success to France once again!

France in Euro 2020

It is time for the European Championship in football. The matches will be played all across Europe, but no matches will be played in Paris, nor in France. But, you do not have to travel a long distance to watch France, at least not if you would like to watch their opening match in the tournament against Germany on the fifteenth of June.

France has ended up in the toughest and most interesting of all the different groups in the European Championship. Not only will they play against Germany, they will also play against the champions from the European Championship in 2016, Portugal. They will also play against Hungary, but most people consider the latter to be a weak opponent that France should be able to beat easily. But, no matter what will happen, Group F is set to be very interesting.

France has the strongest team in the tournament!

Even though France cannot play at home, they will still be favorites to win the entire tournament. If you look at the names in the squad, it is easy to see that they have some of the strongest players, and a team that is capable of beating all the other teams in the tournament. If you look at the list of strikers, I believe most other countries would be happy to have one such striker in the squad… not 6-7-8. It is one thing that Karim Benzema has returned to play for France, but he will have to fight hard to earn himself a spot in the starting 11, considering that the other strikers are Griezmann, Mbappe, Coman, Dembele, and Giroud. In fact, they have even more great strikers besides these as well. If I were a defender that had to play against France, I would be terrified.

Euro 2020

When and where will France play in Euro 2020?

  • As I have already mentioned, France will play their opening match in Munich against Germany on June 15th. The match will start at 21.00.
  • The second match will be played in Budapest against Hungary on June 19th. This match will start at 15.00.
  • The third and final group stage match will be played against Portugal on June 23rd. This match will start at 21.00.

France is a lucky nation, considering that they will play two matches in Budapest. Why is that a good thing? As a player, one of the best things you do in life is to play in front of lots of spectators. It is one thing to have millions watching the matches on their TV screens or streaming the matches on the Internet, but it is different to play at a stadium packed with people. Unfortunately, we have almost forgotten what that feeling is like due to COVID.

During Euro 2020, there is only one city and one stadium that will be packed at 100% capacity. Do you know which city and stadium that is? That is the Puskas Stadion in Budapest. In other words, France will get to play in front of more than 60,000 spectators twice during the tournament, and that will for sure give the entire team a boost!

Who will France play against in the knockout stage?

I firmly believe that France will win Group F, but nothing can be said for sure. If they win the group, they will play the first match in the knockout stage against the best third place team from group A, B, or C. A wild guess would tell me that this potentially can be Switzerland, Wales, Denmark, Russia, Austria, or maybe Ukraine.

If France would end up second in the group, the will play against the winner of group D in the first leg of the knockout stage, which might easily end up being England or Croatia. Now, that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

Are you ready for the European Championship in football? We hope it will be a tournament of joy and great football, and that there will be no reasons at all to worry about COVID during the different matches at the stadiums.

What do you believe? Will France win the tournament? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

FIFA World Cup in France right now!

Did you know that the FIFA World Cup is arranged in France at this very moment? It all started on June 7th and it will last for one full month. The opening match was played between France and South Korea at Parc des Princes in Paris on June 7th, and the final will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Lyon exactly one month later.

FIFA World Cup in France and in Paris

France is a great host for such competitions and not only are they a great host, but they are also very good at playing at home ground. During the European Championship in 2016, they almost won the trophy, but they ended up losing the final against Portugal. But, in 2018 France was able to get revenge as they won the FIFA World Cup 2018 for men. Can they win the FIFA World Cup in 2019 as the females compete?

France got a great start on the tournament winning 4-0 against South Korea, but they have some more tough group stage matches ahead before they will enter the knockout stage. Their toughest match during the group stage will be played against Norway on June 12th. You can find the ultimate FIFA World Cup streaming guide with schedules and much more here.

Most people agree on the fact that the French team is among the biggest favorites to win the entire World Cup. There are, however, some tough opponents, and the United States might be the biggest of them all. They started the World Cup with a 13-0 win against Thailand. That doesn’t have to mean a lot, but it sure says something about their attackers and their ability to score a lot of goals.

France will play their last group stage match against Nigeria on June 17th and after that it will be time for the knockout stage. But, will Norway or France win the group A? Most people expect it to be France, but a lot will depend on their performance in the match against Norway on June 12th.

Matches played in Paris during the World Cup

Quite a lot of matches will be played in Paris during the FIFA World Cup. But, it is also easy to travel around in France with car of with some of the rapid trains if you desire to see a match live at the stadium somewhere else than in Paris.

You can buy tickets at some of the stadiums or at the official website of the tournament.

Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in France!