Mexican Art exhibition in Louvre

I am sure everybody knows the famous museum, the Louvre in the capital of France, Paris. In one of the most popular museums there are lauds of permanent and temporary exhibitions always. For those who wants to know more about the French or other nation’s art, this is the perfect place. The newest exhibition in the Louvre wants to show the Mexican art to the visitors.

The Mexican Art exhibition is in the Spanish room of the Louvre. Among others, the monumental “Zurbaranesque” work of José Juárez, the Baroque dynamism of Cristóbal Villalpando and the softness and delicacy of Rodríguez Juárez will introduce visitors to the many facets of New World art during this period and give them an understanding of its close yet independent relationship with Spanish art

The exhibition is opened between 7 March 2013 and 3 June 2013 in the Spanish room of the Louvre, on the first floor. This amazing exhibition would be a great program for those, who visit the Louvre. If you want to spend some days in the scenic Paris, you definitely should visit the Mexican Art exhibition too. Everybody, who organizes a holiday to the amazing capital of France, go to this museum too. Among the permanent exhibited objects, like the Mona Lisa or the Last Supper you should view the less known Mexican art. Have a great time!

Mexican Art exhibition
March 7th – June 3rd