The Borgias and their time – Paris exhibition

The Borgias and their time: From Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo exhibition

BorgiasThe Borgias became dominant during the Renaissance in Italy. Originally they were from Valencia and several members of the family became popes and were in high position. They had a bad reputation especially during the reign of Alexander VI. and they were suspected in multiple crimes, mostly in murder. Several artist were fascinated by the House of Borgia over the centuries. Victor Hugo and Alejandro Jodorowsky even wrote about the Borgias and there has been a really popular television series inspired by the family. Many portraits from this age can be seen at the exhibition of the Borgias. Several Renaissance artists and the greatest painters worked with the members of the family such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and the family often had a close relationship with the biggest painters at the time. Through the pictures of the members of the Borgias family visitors will have the chance to have an inside look in the life of the time they lived in and you can discover their secrets and see the true face of the Borgias.

The exhibition will take place in Paris at Musée Maillol from Wednesday 17th September 2014. until Sunday 15th February 2015.

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