Florence and the Machine Paris 2012

Florence and the Machine must be one of the most busy bands in the world. They just left Paris, and now they are returning again. On March 27th and 28th they did two concerts in Casino de Paris. Now as they return for a concert on November 27th they are going higher, and this time they are planing to fill the concert venue Zenith de Paris. You can help them through buying a ticket for the Florence and the Machine concert in Paris, and you will then be able to enjoy their amusing indie rock music as they enter the stage.

The two main singers, Florence and Isabella, are for sure looking forward to return to the romantic city of Paris again, and you are invited as well. While in Paris do not forget to grab hold of the Paris Pass which will give you discounts on lots of stuff and also the right to use the quick line, making everything faster as you do not need to stand in long lines to get into attractions such as the Eiffel Tower.

If you use the ticket links you can also find tickets to the other Florence and the Machine concerts in 2012, so check them out and why not go visit some other city and listen to your favorite band there. For example; London? Or maybe Amsterdam?

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Florence and the Machine concert Paris

Amy Macdonald Paris 2012

Amy Macdonald Paris 2012The beautiful singer Amy Macdonald will come to the capital of Europe and the most beautiful town on the continent in November 2012, to Paris. Amy Macdonald has visited the town lots of times, but this will be her first concert after the release of her new album named Life in a Beautiful Light in June 2012. Amy Macdonald was herself born in 1985, meaning that she has just reached the age of 27 years. Her public career started in 2007 and her number one hit which reached the top lists in several nations was This is the Life. She will probably sing that song as well during her concert in Paris, but the main focus will for sure be on the songs from her new album recently released.

The Amy Macdonald concert in Paris will be arranged in the popular concert venue Le Trianon. The address of the concert venue is 80 Boulevard de Rochechouart, 75018 Paris and the nearest metro station is named Anvers.

There are still tickets available for the Amy Macdonald concert in Paris, so if you would like to be there on this cool Paris event, check out the links further down on this page for ticket information and purchase possibilities.

Do not forget to visit the Eiffel Tower and some other nice Paris attractions while in town to listen to Amy Macdonald.

Amy Macdonald Paris 2012

Le Trianon
November 27th

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Diana Krall Paris 2012

Diana Krall concert in ParisFive days after her birthday Diana Krall will perform in Paris in the Palais des Congres. This venue is ideal for such a concert, because Diana Krall is a real woman, one of the best jazz singers in the world with a beautiful voice and a great talent for the piano. She will enter the stage around 20,00 and it will be an amazing peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere as she starts singing and playing.

If you have heard Diana Krall before, you know what to expect. If you have not heard her before, check out this concert, because we believe it is going to be great.

Just before Christmas you might be lucky and then you can visit some Christmas markets in Paris as well, but before you start planing your activities in Paris, make sure to grab hold of your tickets for the Diana Krall concert. You can use the ticket links on this page to buy tickets for this, or any other Diana Krall concert in Europe in 2012.

Diana Krall concert in Paris

November 21st, 20.00
Palais des Congres Paris

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The Cranberries Paris 2012

The Cranberries Paris 2012The Cranberries will be out touring Europe and the world in 2012, celebrating their February release of their new album Roses. If you have bought the album and enjoy the songs, why not come to hear them live in Paris in the concert venue Zenith de Paris? The Cranberries will come to the capital of France on November 25th, so that is the date to remember and to mark in your diary, to make sure that you do not forget about this cool event when Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal will enter the stage in Paris to entertain their fans.

Some days before the concert in Paris the band will visit London as well, and later they will Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and other major important cities in Europe. But, if you would like to see them in France, then this is the chance and the place.

To buy tickets for this or any of the other concerts with the Cranberries in 2012, use the links on this page. To read more about concerts and other events in Paris, visit our Paris Events page. If you are more into some cool activity, then why not check out the famous Moulin Rogue?

You might not know, but I guess you do since you are a fan of The Cranberries, but the band was formed in Limerick, Ireland, in 1989, meaning that the band is 23 years old!

ps: this is the second concert with the Cranberries in France and in Paris in 2012. The first concert was arranged on June 20th in the concert venue Grand Rex, and this is the second one!!!

The Cranberries Paris
Zenith de Paris
November 25th, 20.00

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Deep Purple Paris 2012

Deep Purple
Deep Purple

Deep Purple will visit Paris in November 2012, so that means we have something to look forward through throughout the entire year. If you should miss out on this one, you can always go to the Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam, but it will for sure be cooler to see them in Zenith de Paris on November 13th, 2012. If you would like to see Deep Purple live as they come to Paris, you can buy tickets for this hot concert using the links on this page.

Deep Purple Paris
Zenith de Paris
November 13th, 2012

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