German Thought and Painting: From Friedrich to Beckmann

A French holiday always contains lauds of program opportunities. Tourists like to taste the delicious and special French cheese and wines and other interesting gastro experiences. Naturally, the main destination in France is the capital, the amazing Paris. Paris is also known as city of light or love and romance, and it is true. But do not forget the other central role of the city: art.

The most popular European museum, the Louvre is in Paris too. I am sure, everybody heard about this fantastic museum at least from movies or books. Visitors always can find interesting permanent and temporary exhibitions here. But don’t leave it to chance, we want to save your time, and we found a great exhibition, what you may like.

One newest exhibition in the Louvre is the German Thought and Painting, from Friedrich to Beckmann, which shows the German art between 1800 and 1939. The exhibition contains famous German artists’ works, like Caspar David Friedrich, Paul Klee, Philipp Otto Runge and Otto Dix. It would be interesting for anybody to see the German thoughts’ evolution from the 1800s through the World War I. until the start of the World War II. Do not miss this unforgettable experience between 28 March 2013 and 24 June 2013 in the Louvre in Paris, because it would be fantastic. Have a great time!

German Thought and Painting: From Friedrich to Beckmann
March 28th – June 24th