Summer Olympics 2024

The biggest event in the world in 2024 is the Summer Olympics arranged in Paris between July 26 and August 11. The competition with roots back in ancient Greece is something athletes and fans look forward to, and the fact that it will be arranged in the most beautiful city on earth only makes it more attractive and interesting.

It was on 13 September 2017 in Peru that Paris was awarded the Summer Olympics in 2024. It was either Los Angeles or Paris, but in the end it was decided that France would arrange the Summer Olympics for the third time. The country has earlier arranged the Winter Olympics three times as well, making this the sixth Olympic Games ever arranged in France. Since Paris arranged the Summer Olympics in 1924, this is a perfect chance to celebrate the 100-year anniversary since the city previously arranged the Summer Olympics.

Some interesting numbers regarding the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Based on the estimations from earlier Summer Olympics and similar events, these are some of the numbers we can expect from the Paris 2024 Olympics Games.

  • There will be about 9,7 million spectators watching the events at the different venues in Paris during the 19 days of competitions.
  • There are 41 different locations in which the competitions will take place.
  • More than 10,500 athletes will come to Paris for the event.
  • A total of 31,500 volunteers will help everything go smoothly during the Olympics.
  • There are more than 300 different competitions during the Summer Olympics.
  • Breakdancing will be a part of the Olympic Games for the first time in Paris.

What venues will be in use for the Summer Olympics in Paris?

The Summer Olympics in Paris will be a fantastic event. The participants in the Beach Volleyball tournament will compete at Champ-de-Mars, just in front of the Eiffel Tower. The athletes will focus on the competition, but the rest of us will surely enjoy the beautiful view of the tower in the background as well!

summer olympics in paris

The Judo and Wrestling competitions will take place only a few meters away in the Champ-de-Mars Arena. Opposite the River Seine you find the beautiful Trocadero (also with a view towards the Eiffel Tower). Here several competitions connected to athletics will take part, including road cycling, race walking, swimming, and marathons.

The football competition starts a few days before the actual Olympics. Parc des Princes is the home field of PSG, but during the Summer Olympics, it will host several matches from the football competition. The other matches will be spread throughout the country and played in cities such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon, Nantes, and others.

The matches of the handball and the basketball competitions are also spread out throught the country, and the sailing competitions will take place in Marseille. One very interesting fact is that the Olympic surfing competition will take place far, far away from France… in Tahiti. In other words, if you want to watch the Olympic surfing competition, don’t order a plane ticket to France!

The main arena for the different athletics competitions is Stade de France, the biggest arena in all of France. This is very close to the Aquatics Centre which will host the swimming, diving, and water polo competitions.

Another beautiful area in use during the Summer Olympics in Paris is the castle of Versailles. They will host the equestrian competitions there, and also the modern pentathlon competition.

Let us not forget about Roland Garros either, the famous arena in the heart of Paris… the perfect place to host the tennis competitions of the Summer Olympics. Maybe you didn’t know it, but the boxing competitions during the Olympics will also be arranged at the Roland-Garros Stadium.

Schedule for the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Would you like to know what happens when during the Summer Olympics in Paris? Below you can see a schedule presenting what activities will take place on the different days of the Olympics. The competitions in the Aquatics Centre will take place during the first part of the Olympics, while the Athletics competitions will take place in the second part of the Olympics.

summer olympics schedule
A schedule for the Summer Olympics in Paris during the summer of 2024.

Now that you know when the different competitions will happen, it is time to think about buying tickets for your favorite events.

Tickets for the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Would you like to buy a ticket for a football match during the Summer Olympics, or maybe a ticket for an evening event at Stade de France during the Athletics competitions? The cheapest tickets for football matches start at 24 euros, but you shouldn’t be surprised if the cheapest tickets for other matches cost about 50 euros.

To witness the competitions at Stade de France during the Summer Olympics (athletics), you must pay nearly 400 euros for the cheapest tickets to the evening events. That is quite expensive considering that during the World Athletics Championships in Budapest in 2023 the cheapest tickets for an event started at 25 euros. But, if you want to be there at Stade de France to watch the finals in 1500 meter competitions, or maybe for the finals in Pole Jump, that is the price you must pay.

You can buy tickets and take a closer look at the price for the Summer Olympics in Paris at

An official platform for re-selling tickets you have bought for the Summer Olympics in Paris will open during the spring of 2024. More information about this platform will be shared later.

There are special tickets available for people with disabilities, so if you use a wheel-chair, there are special tickets available for you at the official ticket site.

Practical questions about the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Transportation during the Summer Olympics

What is the best way to travel to France for the event?

Are you flying to Paris to watch one or more events during the Summer Olympics? Or maybe you are traveling to Marseille, Lyon, or Bordeaux? If you come by plane, the easiest option is probably to fly with Air France. The main airports in Paris are Orly and Charles de Gaulle, and those are easily connected to the city center of Paris using public transportation, taxis, or buses. With Air France, it is possible to fly between Paris and Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, and Nice, making it very easy to visit other important cities in France for different events during the Olympics.

Another good option is to travel to Paris by train. There are fast trains connecting London to Paris, and there are lots of direct trains between Paris and other big cities in France, and also in countries such as Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. You can check prices and book train tickets for France at

If you want cheaper plane tickets, you might be lucky if you are early and book plane tickets with low-cost airlines such as WizzAir, EasyJet, RyanAir, Eurowings, and a few other companies. Some of these airlines fly to Charles de Gaulle and Orly, while most of them also operate with flights to Paris Beauvais. That is a low-cost airport about 100km from the city center of Paris, meaning that you can expect a travel time of about 90 minutes between the airport and the center of Paris (or more if there is a lot of traffic).

What is the best way to travel in Paris during the Summer Olympics and between the different venues?

Can I park my camel in front of Stade de France during the Athletic competitions?

No, that was a valid question during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but it is not one frequently asked regarding the Summer Olympics in Paris.

How can I buy tickets for public transportation in Paris? Which is the best ticket for me?

What hotel/apartment should I choose if I come to Paris for the Summer Olympics?

Where you should stay in Paris during the Summer Olympics depends greatly on your requirements and how much money you want to spend on accommodation. Paris is a very expensive city when it comes to hotels and apartments, and during the Summer Olympics, everything will be even more expensive. Below you can see a map showing you the city center of Paris with different accommodation options and price examples. Look around and you might find something suitable for you. Be aware, the hotels and apartments will get fully booked extremely fast, meaning that it will be hard to find suitable options if you wait until the last minute.

If you don’t do any scrolling, then you by default see Champ de Mars on the left side of the map above. This is where the Eiffel Tower is located, Grand Palais, Trocadero, and other locations that will be frequently in use during the Summer Olympics. This is also close to Les Invalides, the location for the archery competitions. In the center-top of the map, you can see Place de la Concorde, the location for the competitions in BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding, and 3×3 basketball. This area is not only ideal for the Summer Olympics, but also for discovering the famous attractions and buildings of Paris such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Arc d’Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Notre-Dame, and other famous locations in the French capital.

Which is the best hotel if I want to live close to Stade de France and the different athletics competitions?

I want to live as cheaply as possible, and I don’t mind using public transportation. Where should I live?

What are the activities I must do during my spare time in Paris?

Where can I stream the different competitions online?

PSG – Amiens SC, Ligue 1 kick-off 2017-18 season

August 4th will be the date for the Ligue 1 kick-off in the new season. Last years champions AS Monaco will play against Toulouse. On August 5th at 17.00 the next match in the new season will be played, and that will be between PSG and Amiens SC.

Amiens SC is a new team in the French top league, and everyone expects their opening match against PSG to be a simple win for PSG. It will probably turn into that, but anything can happen. The match will be played at the home field of PSG, Parc des Princes, and if you want to be there to taste the atmosphere, buy your tickets for the match right away.

ligue 1 2017 online
Can PSG win Ligue 1 in 2017-18 again? By Silvia_Preihs / Shutterstock

The French league will be the first one to start of the top leagues in Europe. The Premier League in England will only have its kick-off one week later, and the German Bundesliga will keep its fans waiting even longer. Luckily fans of French football doesn’t have to wait much, only 1 1/2 week, and then it will be the kick-off for the new French football season.

That might be handy, as it gives the teams more time to play before the big tournaments like the Champions League and the Europe League will start.

Will PSG win Ligue 1 this year?

Last year everyone was surprised that PSG did not win Ligue 1. For the first time in years, another team won the league. AS Monaco was the team to dethrone PSG, but can they keep their place at the top of French football for two seasons in a row? We doubt it, but they have managed to keep quite some of their star players remain in the squad, so maybe AS Monaco will surprise us again?

Would you like to watch PSG play live?

Press the link above to get more information about the squad. If you simply want to stream Ligue 1 online, then you can read more about how it is done in the IP Address Guide.

There are lots of other great programs and activities to enjoy while in Paris. After all, the world is more than football. So, why don’t you book a river cruise with dinner, some tickets for the Moulin Rogue, pay a visit to the Eiffel Tower, and enjoy some culture at the Louvre museum? The options are uncountable, but that is what makes Paris such a magic city.

PSG vs Arsenal in Paris on September 13th

Ligue 1 in France isn’t like La Liga in Spain or Premier League in England were there are big celebrities in all teams. In French Ligue 1 PSG is the famous team, but most other teams lack the big profiles like Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga and like Ibrahimovic, Rooney, Kane, de Bruyne and lots of other players in the Premier League.

That is why you will not always find those fantastic matches in Ligue 1, especially not since PSG has been alone on the throne for the last years, and thus making it less interesting to actually follow the league.

Things might change this season, especially as PSG has already lost a match in Ligue 1 to Monaco. But, in the Champions League they have a tradition of performing well, except from in the knockout stage where PSG seem to have a hard time succeeding.

PSG vs Arsenal on September 13th

PSG to play Arsenal on September 13th

On September 13th it is time for the first Champions League group stage match for PSG and they will play it on Parc des Princes in Paris against Arsenal. That will be a fantastic kick-off for the Champions League this season, and it will be very important for the French team to get a good start on the Champions League. They are favorites in front of the match, but Arsene Wenger is a good coach and he and his team will for sure not give PSG an easy win.

As always the Champions League match will start at 20.45 and if you want to watch the match on the Internet then you can easily do so following these instructions. The best is however to watch PSG against Arsenal on the stadium in Paris, so get your tickets, book your flight and get ready for the match.

Arsenal has not had a terrific start on the Premier League this season, and some people feel as if the time has come for Arsene Wenger to leave the club. If they manage to win against PSG he will for sure get some peace, because PSG is the toughest opponent in their Champions League group. In addition to Arsenal and PSG we can also find Ludogorets from Bulgaria in the group and FC Basel from Switzerland.

Do not forget to enjoy the attractions of Paris while in town, and if you have the time a river cruise is beautiful!