Where can I watch PSG play their matches online?

I am a big fan of PSG and I really want to watch their matches online on the web. Can you please tell me how to do so? I live in Albania!

Parc des PrincesThank you for the question. If you want to watch French football and your favorite PSG as they play their matches online that can be done, not extremely easy, but not very difficult either. Most channels broadcasting from Ligue 1 are channels taking paid by their viewers, meaning that you need quite expensive subscription to watch for one month or so. Based on our knowledge the cheapest way of watching Ligue 1, thus also PSG, online is to use a VPN provider which can provide you with a Russian IP address.

We will not describe it in detail here what you need to do, but there is a Russian Sport TV channel which will let you watch almost every single match played in Ligue 1 online, you only need to be in Russia, meaning that you need to have a local IP address. Once you have that you can watch all PSG matches played online.

For more detailed instructions on how to do this, and what site you actually need to visit, read the article on how to watch Ligue 1 on watchworldcup.net.

We hope this answer will help you. And, if you ever come to Paris, make sure to actually watch a PSG match as they play. It is great to see the matches online, but to watch them play at Parc des Princes with almost 50,000 people cheering, that is simply amazing!