Tour de France 2019 is on!

We have just finished the FIFA World Cup 2019 in France, and already the next big event is running – Tour de France 2019!

Tour de France in 2019 started in Brussels in Belgium, but only the first three races will be arranged there. After that, all the action is moved to France and it will be a fantastic event as all the bicyclists will do their best to stand with the gold medal in hand after the final race ending up in Paris on July 28th.

Tour de France
Tour de France – Source: Pixabay

It is quite impressive considering how the contestants will drive more than 3450 kilometers on their bicycles in less than 22 days. And yes, some of the days are resting dates as well, meaning that they are really moving big distances on every single day in which there are actual races being arranged.

Tour de France is considered to be one of the most important bicycle races every year, and also one of the hardest. Together with Giro D’Italia and Vuelta a Espana, this is what makes the contestants wake up early in the morning to exercise every day… to win one of these races.

The competition was established in 1903, and it has been running mostly every year since then. In 2019, some races will be arranged in Belgium, and in other years, Italy, Germany, and Spain have also arranged some of the races of the popular competition.

If you want to read more about Tour de France, check this article in Britannica Encyclopedia.

Last year, Geraint Thomas won the tour (the 105 edition of the race). He won ahead of Tom Dumoulin and Chris Froome. Many people expect Geraint Thomas to win again this year, but as we all know, anything can happen in the cycling sport, so you better pay attention in order to not miss out on any important moment.

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