Befhind the Seams: Les Arts Decoratis

Who doesn’t care fashion and what behind it? The good look is very important for everyone, and the fashion pieces of old days could make us smile. The fashion always changes, but there old pieces appear time to time, to inspire the present fashion. But there is a part of dressing, which is a little bit taboo, and this is what is under the clothes, the underwear.

I am sure; the article won everybody’s attention now, so we want to recommend a fantastic exhibition to the visitors of our page, what will in the capital of fashion, Paris. The exhibition will be in the museum of decorative arts in Paris, the Les Arts Decoratifs, and its aim is to show the history of underwear from the 14th century to nowadays. But the exhibition is not only about underpants or bras, it is about tricky underwear too, what improve and shape the human body. Visitors could admire the amazing pieces and funny wears of the old ages and the newest fashion of present days.

Do not miss this unforgettable experience, what gives an insight behind the fashion scene in a special way, so we could say it gives an insight behind the seam. The exhibition is available between 4 July 2013 and 24 November 2013 at the Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Have a great time for it!

Behind the Seams
Les Arts Decoratis
Julz 4 – November 24

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