Philippe Apeloig exhibition at the Les Arts Decoratifs

Maybe not everybody knows the famous French graphic designer, Philippe Apeloig’s name, but this Paris artist has lauds of great works. Apeloig’s two passions are the literature and the performing art, and he uses these two things on his works too.

Philippe Apeloig was born in 1962 in the capital of France, Paris. He studied art in Paris, but the real unfold was in Amsterdam, where he joined to Wim Crouwell’s Total design studio. The artist creates especially posters. This type of art made him famous. His career started at 1985 when he designed the first exhibition’s poster in the Musée d’Orsay.

Between 21 November 2013 and 30 March 2014 in the museum of decorative arts in Paris, the Les Arts Decoratifs there will be a fantastic exhibition which will show Apeloig’s best works. The poster art could be interesting for everyone, so it doesn’t matter, if you don’t know the artist’s name. Apeloig wanted the exhibition wouldn’t contain only posters, but highlights the artist’s creative process, visual identities, books, logos and animations.

Do not miss the amazing exhibition if you would be in Paris between 21 November 2013 and 30 March 2014. Immerse in the creators of a real Paris artist and enjoy this program in French mode. Have a great time for it!

Philippe Apeloig exhibiton
Les Arts Decoratifs
November 21st, 2013 – March 30th, 2014

Jean Dubuffet’s work: The Coucou Bazar at the Les Arts Decoratifs

Do you want to travel to the capital of France, the fabulous Paris? Then you will surely see the world famous Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame and of course the most famous and biggest museum in Paris, the Louvre. What other museums worth to visit beside the popular Louvre?

The list is endless, and we want to make your life easier, so we chose a great museum, where there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions for the visitors. This museum is the famous museum of decorative art in Paris, the Les Arts Decoratifs.

This amazing institution opened in 1882 and it is a private, non-profit museum. The organized exhibitions, as you can see the name, shows the greatest works of the most famous decorative artists. One exhibition what we can recommend for you, is in the famous room of the museum, the Nef, which is look like a nave. This exhibition shows Jean Dubuffet’s most famous work, the Coucou Bazar. The Coucou Bazar is an animated painting which contains the artist’s most famous works from his L’Hourloupe cycle. The animated painting was performed for the first time in New York, in 1973, and its success is unbroken.

Be a witness of Dubuffet’s greatest work, what is one important and special part of the art nowadays too, between 24 October 2013 and 1 December 2013 at the Les Arts Decoratifs’ Nef hall.

Jean Dubuffet exhibition
October 24 – December 1, 2013
Les Arts Decoratifs

In the Line of Sight: contemporary jewelry in France

Do you want to spend a couple days in the capital of France, the fabulous Paris? Or have you got a beloved, whose dream is go to Paris? Then, here is the perfect time, because besides Paris is the city of romance and love, this is the city of culture and beauty too. For a lady Paris is already the dream city, because it is a perfect honeymoon or anniversary celebrating place.

Surprise your partner! Organize a wonderful holiday to Paris, view the beautiful lights of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Arc de Triomphe, listen the bell play of the Notre Dame and view the Mona Lisa and the Last Support in the most popular European museum, the Louvre.

Moreover if you organize your holiday between 13 September 2013 and 2 March 2014 you could see an exhibition which dazzles men and women too. In the private, non-profit museum of decorative arts, the Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris will organize a jewelry exhibition during this time, which will show the modern contemporary jewelry art beside the works of the masters in the 17th and 18th century. Visitors could see dazzling jewelries from the Medieval, but especially it will show different objects from the present jewelry art. Have a great time for it!

Contemporary jewelry exhibition
Les Arts Decoratifs
September 13th, 2013 – March 2nd, 2014

Befhind the Seams: Les Arts Decoratis

Who doesn’t care fashion and what behind it? The good look is very important for everyone, and the fashion pieces of old days could make us smile. The fashion always changes, but there old pieces appear time to time, to inspire the present fashion. But there is a part of dressing, which is a little bit taboo, and this is what is under the clothes, the underwear.

I am sure; the article won everybody’s attention now, so we want to recommend a fantastic exhibition to the visitors of our page, what will in the capital of fashion, Paris. The exhibition will be in the museum of decorative arts in Paris, the Les Arts Decoratifs, and its aim is to show the history of underwear from the 14th century to nowadays. But the exhibition is not only about underpants or bras, it is about tricky underwear too, what improve and shape the human body. Visitors could admire the amazing pieces and funny wears of the old ages and the newest fashion of present days.

Do not miss this unforgettable experience, what gives an insight behind the fashion scene in a special way, so we could say it gives an insight behind the seam. The exhibition is available between 4 July 2013 and 24 November 2013 at the Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Have a great time for it!

Behind the Seams
Les Arts Decoratis
Julz 4 – November 24

Pub Mania exhibition at the Les Arts Decoratifs

If somebody wants to go to a special place, which is a perfect holiday place, where everybody can rest and discover new things, the perfect destination is the capital of France, the wonderful Paris.

Paris has lots of names, for example the city of lights, the city of love and romance or the city of fashion. These names are true, but do not forget, Paris is a very important cultural center too. However visiting the Louvre is required program, because you can view the famous paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Support here, but now we want to invite you an easier program.

In Paris there is a fantastic museum, which is private and non-profit, and this is the place for the works of decorative art. This is the Les Arts Decoratifs. The museum of decorative arts in Paris there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions too. We looked around and we want to recommend you a special program opportunity.

Between 23 May 2013 and 6 October 2013, what is the most beautiful period in Paris, there will be a fantastic exhibition in the Les Arts Decoratifs. The exhibition will include the collectible advertising objects, key rings, pictures, biscuit tin and every seemingly useless treasure, what most people collect with full heart. The fantastic exhibited objects are not just funny and interesting, because visitors could know more about the philosophy and reasons of collecting. It would be a great program, do not miss it!

Pub Mania exhibition
Les Arts Decoratifs
May 23rd – October 6th