In the Line of Sight: contemporary jewelry in France

Do you want to spend a couple days in the capital of France, the fabulous Paris? Or have you got a beloved, whose dream is go to Paris? Then, here is the perfect time, because besides Paris is the city of romance and love, this is the city of culture and beauty too. For a lady Paris is already the dream city, because it is a perfect honeymoon or anniversary celebrating place.

Surprise your partner! Organize a wonderful holiday to Paris, view the beautiful lights of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Arc de Triomphe, listen the bell play of the Notre Dame and view the Mona Lisa and the Last Support in the most popular European museum, the Louvre.

Moreover if you organize your holiday between 13 September 2013 and 2 March 2014 you could see an exhibition which dazzles men and women too. In the private, non-profit museum of decorative arts, the Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris will organize a jewelry exhibition during this time, which will show the modern contemporary jewelry art beside the works of the masters in the 17th and 18th century. Visitors could see dazzling jewelries from the Medieval, but especially it will show different objects from the present jewelry art. Have a great time for it!

Contemporary jewelry exhibition
Les Arts Decoratifs
September 13th, 2013 – March 2nd, 2014

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