How can I watch TF1 from outside France?

TF1 from outside France

Hello Paris Guide! I am not sure if you can help me with this, but if you can I would be really happy. I have lived in France for a long time and I fell in love with the city, the language and the atmosphere. Since I left France I want to keep on watching some of my favorite programs on TF1, but I do not know how to do so, because I keep getting an error message. I have a feeling that it might only be available for people in France. So, do you know how I can watch TF1 from outside France?

TF1 from outside FranceThank you for the question. It is so understandable that you love Paris and France, it is truly is an amazing city and nation. It is a common problem you write about as you try to watch TF1 from outside France, because it is not really possible. The fact is that you need a French IP address, which you really do get when you live in France, to watch TF1 and other French channels online. There is however some ways in which you can trick the system and the most common and popular solutions are so called VPN connection.

There are tons of pages writing about this on the Internet, so instead of writing a lot about VPNs and IP addresses here, we would rather recommend you take a look at the following two articles writing about how to get a French IP address and how to watch TF1 from abroad.

I hope these links will help you and that you will succeed in keeping your flame for Paris, France and the French language alive, even though you live outside France.

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