Pub Mania exhibition at the Les Arts Decoratifs

If somebody wants to go to a special place, which is a perfect holiday place, where everybody can rest and discover new things, the perfect destination is the capital of France, the wonderful Paris.

Paris has lots of names, for example the city of lights, the city of love and romance or the city of fashion. These names are true, but do not forget, Paris is a very important cultural center too. However visiting the Louvre is required program, because you can view the famous paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Support here, but now we want to invite you an easier program.

In Paris there is a fantastic museum, which is private and non-profit, and this is the place for the works of decorative art. This is the Les Arts Decoratifs. The museum of decorative arts in Paris there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions too. We looked around and we want to recommend you a special program opportunity.

Between 23 May 2013 and 6 October 2013, what is the most beautiful period in Paris, there will be a fantastic exhibition in the Les Arts Decoratifs. The exhibition will include the collectible advertising objects, key rings, pictures, biscuit tin and every seemingly useless treasure, what most people collect with full heart. The fantastic exhibited objects are not just funny and interesting, because visitors could know more about the philosophy and reasons of collecting. It would be a great program, do not miss it!

Pub Mania exhibition
Les Arts Decoratifs
May 23rd – October 6th

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