Exhibition on the Tudors

Tudors Musee

Tudors MuseeThe exhibition ‘The Tudors’ will be shown at the Musèe Luxembourg in Paris from the middle of March until the middle of July in 2015.

The major exhibition on the Tudors is the first overall exhibition on this topic in Paris and in the whole country as well. The Tudors is one of the most popular and known dynasties of all time and it was always in the centre of the attention. The Tudors reigned from 1485 until 1603 and they were one of the most powerful emperors of the English kingdom and they had a big effect on the English history from every aspect. At the exhibition visitors can discover more on the history of the Tudors through the different portraits of the various emperors of the kingdom and other paintings that perfectly show the life back in the time of the Tudors. Through the wide selection of paintings visitors will have the chance to see the Tudors from a new perspective and to explore more on its emperors as well.

The exhibition ‘The Tudors’ will take place at the Musèe Luxembourg in Paris from 18th March to 19th July in 2015.

Musèe Luxembourg
19 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, France

For more information on the exhibition and the museum check the official site.

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