Which hotel has the nicest flowers in Paris?

Four Seasons Paris

After traveling around the world several times I am tired of plastic flowers in hotels. That is why I am looking for the hotel in Paris with the nicest fresh flowers?

Four Seasons Paris

We can not guarantee that this is the answer that will be true for everyone, but if you are looking for a hotel with daily change in flowers and with a budget on more than 1 Million Euro a year to be spent on  flowers, then the hotel you should book is the Four Seasons George V. The hotel is among man people an attraction in itself due to the beautiful flowers, so if you are a flower enthusiast make sure to visit the hotel and eat a lunch there at least (if you decide not to reside there), just to check this out.

In addition to the beautiful flowers Four Seasons George V has a brilliant location in the center of Paris, so this is ideal for those looking for a high quality five star hotel while in Paris. All this combined is also what made us add this hotel to our list presenting the best five star hotels of all hotels available in Paris.

Please write a comment and share your experience if you have other recommendations and thoughts on this matter! Until then, enjoy Paris and enjoy the beautiful fresh flowers in Four Seasons George V.

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