Which hotel has the nicest flowers in Paris?

After traveling around the world several times I am tired of plastic flowers in hotels. That is why I am looking for the hotel in Paris with the nicest fresh flowers?

Four Seasons Paris

We can not guarantee that this is the answer that will be true for everyone, but if you are looking for a hotel with daily change in flowers and with a budget on more than 1 Million Euro a year to be spent on  flowers, then the hotel you should book is the Four Seasons George V. The hotel is among man people an attraction in itself due to the beautiful flowers, so if you are a flower enthusiast make sure to visit the hotel and eat a lunch there at least (if you decide not to reside there), just to check this out.

In addition to the beautiful flowers Four Seasons George V has a brilliant location in the center of Paris, so this is ideal for those looking for a high quality five star hotel while in Paris. All this combined is also what made us add this hotel to our list presenting the best five star hotels of all hotels available in Paris.

Please write a comment and share your experience if you have other recommendations and thoughts on this matter! Until then, enjoy Paris and enjoy the beautiful fresh flowers in Four Seasons George V.

Which hotel in Paris has the best view?

Are you out looking for a hotel in Paris with a beautiful view? Want to combine your magnificent view with a stunning five star hotel experience?

We have earlier written an article on the best five star hotels in Paris, so if you have not read that article yet, make sure to read that one. However, there is one hotel which was not added to that list, but which by many visitors are considered to be the hotel in Paris with the best view, and that is Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris.

best view in Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris is located only five minutes from the Champs Elysees, so as you can understand, in the heart of the city of Paris. What makes the view from the hotel stunning is that you can from several rooms and facilities in the hotel look directly towards the Eiffel Tower, something worth a lot of money, especially during the evening when the flashlights are turned on. The hotel has a magnificent restaurant led by a Michelin awarded chef, and in the minibar you can find as much as 80 kinds of drinks to choose from.

So, for a brilliant five star hotel in Paris combined with a beautiful view, go for Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, and do not forget to choose one of the Eiffel suites (since not all rooms enjoy the beautiful view provided by the Eiffel suites).

Which is the best five star hotel in Paris?

I am going with my wife to Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I want it to be special and want to stay in the best five star hotel in Paris. Which hotel should I choose?

That is an awesome question, and a question that is kind of impossible to answer. There are more than 40 five star hotels in Paris, so there are way to many hotels to choose from, so our answer will mostly be based on general feedback from visitors and user reviews written on the Internet. Not many cities in Europe have as many five star hotels as Paris; Prague is a very popular city, but still they only have about 35 five star hotels. The little city of Belfast on the other hand only has two real five star hotels.

A five star hotel in Paris needs to be centrally located, but since the city is way to big, there is not such thing as an ideal position from which everything can be reached. Here are two hotels that we believe both fit into the category as the best five star hotel in Paris, and then you can of course feel free to pick a hotel in the one that sounds best and finest and most romantic to you!

Best five star hotels in Paris

Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière

What can be better than a five star hotel in Paris, just along the Champs Elysees, and only a few metres from the Arc de Triomphee. The hotel itself has three restaurants, two bars, free minibars in the room and of course free wireless Internet connection. One of the restaurants in the hotel, Le Diane, enjoys a Michelin star. The hotel also has a nice wellness area, where you can relax after a tough day full of sightseeing and Paris attractions.

Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière
Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Everyone who has been out traveling a lot know the Four Seasons brand. They are known for luxury, and in cities where such hotels can be found, they are among the most expensive hotels available. So is true for Paris! The Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris is also located by the Champs Elysees, and some of the rooms are equipped with beautiful balconies where you can enjoy a view towards Paris. The hotel has an amazing wellness and SPA area, and if you want to taste French food at its best you can do so in the Le Cinq restaurant, a restaurant with two Michelin stars. Using the wireless Internet available in the hotel is free.

Four Seasons Paris
Four Seasons Paris

As you understand luxury and glamor awaits you in Paris. Based on user reviews Hotel Fouquet normally scores a bit higher, but if we had to choose, we would go for Four Seasons. However, if our wallet was to choose, then we would check the prices of both, and go for the cheapest.

If you have been to any of these hotels, or maybe you believe another Paris hotel to be the best five star hotel in Paris, then write a comment and let us know!

Paris hotel recommendations 2013

Paris has more than 2000 hotels, apartments and pensions waiting for you. That is quite a lot and nobody has the chance to get a full overview of the possibilities waiting for you. But, in such a great city it is important to find a hotel with a good location, because if not you will spend to much time just getting from A to B.

When looking for a hotel in Paris you need to find a hotel with a central location, near public transportation and with good prices. We have search around and found the following three hotels which fulfil all the listed three requirements. Do not forget to reserve your room right away, because Paris is a busy cities and hotels quickly get full, especially in the busy spring season.

Recommended Paris hotels
Sofitel Paris (*****)
Concore La Fayette (****)
Daunau Opera (***)

Paris hotel

Paris hotel recommendations now!

This autumn will be an amazing autumn in Paris. The city in itself is wonderful, but in September the city will be visited by Lady Gaga, Leonard Cohen and Coldplay, and then other cool artists will come to do their Paris concerts in October, November and December as well. As you understand there are plenty of reasons to come visit the capital of France this autumn, and as you sit at home and plan your stay you will also need to book a hotel. But, what hotel should you choose? Here we have some hotel recommendations describing hotels with great and central locations, and currently with good prices. Check them out!

Paris hotel recommendations now!

Hotel Beauchamps (****)
ATN Hotel (***) – near metro
Hotel California Champs Elysees (****)
Le Maison Champs Elysees (*****)

While in Paris you must be sure not to miss out on all the great attractions and activities. If you also plan a visit to Dublin this autumn, you should visit the new Dublin Guide from WorldCityGuides, and if you like Guinness and pubs, check out the Dublin Pub Crawl.