Which hotel in Paris has the best view?

Are you out looking for a hotel in Paris with a beautiful view? Want to combine your magnificent view with a stunning five star hotel experience?

We have earlier written an article on the best five star hotels in Paris, so if you have not read that article yet, make sure to read that one. However, there is one hotel which was not added to that list, but which by many visitors are considered to be the hotel in Paris with the best view, and that is Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris.

best view in Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris is located only five minutes from the Champs Elysees, so as you can understand, in the heart of the city of Paris. What makes the view from the hotel stunning is that you can from several rooms and facilities in the hotel look directly towards the Eiffel Tower, something worth a lot of money, especially during the evening when the flashlights are turned on. The hotel has a magnificent restaurant led by a Michelin awarded chef, and in the minibar you can find as much as 80 kinds of drinks to choose from.

So, for a brilliant five star hotel in Paris combined with a beautiful view, go for Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, and do not forget to choose one of the Eiffel suites (since not all rooms enjoy the beautiful view provided by the Eiffel suites).