How to order French wines online in the UK?

French Wine Mix at Amazon

I live in London and want to give a French wine as a present to someone for Christmas. Where can I order French wines in the UK? I guess it is hard to order them from France and have them delivered to the UK?

Thank you for asking and great to hear that you like and love the French wines and want to share them with someone you love. There are lots of delicious wines and maybe you have even tasted some of them during a wine tasting in Paris?  As you probably know France is the home to some of the most famous wine regions in the world, and let us not forget about the Champagne district. So, why not buy some Champagne from Champagne while you are first at it?

How to order French wine and Champagne in the UK?

French Wine Mix at Amazon
French Wine Mix at Amazon

You can search the Internet for wine stores in France, but what we would recommend you to do instead if to visit If you press the link you will be taken directly to their wine and spirit section. Once you are there you can easily decide to choose only wine, and then you can later narrow the search to only French wines and so on. And since you live in the UK you will get them fast, there will be no problem with the delivery and the wine has a short way to travel before it arrives at your door.

In the same way you can also order French wine and Champagne at Amazon in Germany. Now you might say that you do not understand German, but that should not be a hindrance. After all you can now visit German Amazon in English, so just click the link for more information on how it is done.

If you read this article, but still have trouble because you are located outside Germany or England there are still solutions. The problem is that Amazon will not send wine and spirits to your address outside these nations. But, luckily there are companies giving you a virtual address in these nations for only to forward it to you in your country later against small fees. Doesn’t that sound cool? You can read more about this and how it is done in this article.

The next time travel to Paris yourself

The solutions described here are very easy to use and to understand. But, if you find them complicated then our recommendation is that you come to Paris yourself and do your shopping here. You still have to pay attention to the amounts of alcohol you can bring across the border with you home, but still – local wine tastes best in its home, that is in France.


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