Depeche Mode concert in Paris in 2017


Would you like to start July in the best possible way? Come to Stade de France in Paris on July 1st and experience Depeche Mode live in concert.

When Depeche Mode arrive to Paris on July 1st they have lots of concerts behind them, and only a few ahead of them. This will be one of their last concerts in Europe in 2017, so if you haven’t had the chance to listen to them live in concert earlier in 2017, make sure to do so in France and in Paris.

Once they leave Paris they will travel on to Gelsenkirchen in Germany, to Lisbon in Portugal, to Bilboa in Spain, to St Petersburg in Russia and to Moscow, and once they are finished there it is game over for those who haven’t seen and listened to Depeche Mode live in concert in Europe in 2017.

The Depeche Mode concert in Paris in 2017

The Depeche Mode concert will as you know be arranged at the magnificent Stade de France in Paris. This is the number one venue for such events and it is the biggest there is. You can in other words expect there to be around 80,000 people attending the Depeche Mode concert in Paris, and if  you want to be one of them then you can buy your tickets at the site referred to further down in the article.

There will be a couple of other similar big Depeche Mode concerts in 2017, the one in London at the Olympic Stadium on June 3rd and the one in Rome at the Olympic Stadium at June 25th. But, why not combine the magnificent city of Paris with a Depeche Mode concert in July 1st?

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The Depeche Mode concert in Paris will start at 18.00 on July 1st. That is quite early, but hopefully it will not be way to hot as the concert starts. If it is, make sure to bring or buy some water, so that you have something to drink!

Depeche Mode concert in Paris

Venue: Stade de France
Time: July 1st, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you have some spare time we can warmly recommend a wine tasting in Paris, a river cruise and of course you need to visit the popular attractions of Paris. Have a wonderful stay in our beautiful city!


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