Elton John concert in Paris

Elton John concert in ParisOn the first day of December 2017 Sir Elton John will arrive to Paris to perform in the AccorHotels Arena. Why not combine some Christmas shopping with a concert in the French capital?

Sir Elton John is an awarded musician and singer, and he has written some of the nicest music created in modern history. In 2017 Elton John will tour large parts of the world, but there are not many of the larger cities in Europe that will be honored with a visit from Elton John. Luckily Paris is an exception together with Barcelona, and thus these cities will be visited on December 1st and on December 3rd in 2017.

The venue, AccorHotels Arena, has capacity for about 15,000 people, and it will be a fantastic atmosphere as Elton John comes to perform. If you want to be there at the event, then you can buy tickets using the ticket link beneath. Make sure to visit the website and search for Elton John, and in a minute you will be able to buy tickets for all the different Elton John concerts in Europe in 2017.

Elton John concert in Paris

December 1st, 20.00
AccorHotels Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

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Ice Hockey World Championship 2017

The IIHF World Championship 2017 will be arranged in Paris (France) and Cologne (Germany) from May 5th till May 21st. Information about the venue in Paris, tickets and more.

Paris is an amazing city, and this summer we have loads of fantastic programs coming up. But, before the summer arrive fully, there will be thousands of hockey fans coming to Paris to watch the best hockey players in the world participate in the Ice Hockey World Championship 2017.

The tournament will be hosted by Paris and Cologne, and in Paris the venue for the event will be the AccorHotels Arena. This is a very popular concert venue, but in the period between May 5th and May 21st, it will be used for ice hockey. AccorHotels Arena have space for about 15,000 spectators, while the venue in Cologne named Lanxess Arena has space for about 18,000 spectators.

There will be two groups (A and B), and the teams playing in group A will play their group stage matches in Cologne, while the teams in group B will play their matches in Paris.

IIHF World Championship 2017 in Paris and Cologne
IIHF World Championship 2017 in Paris and Cologne

The IIHF World Championship groups

Group A (world ranking in parenthesis)

Russia (2)
United States (4)
Sweden (5)
Slovakia (8)
Germany (10)
Latvia (12)
Denmark (13)
Italy (16)

Group B (world ranking in parenthesis)

Canada (1)
Finland (3)
Czech Republic (6)
Switzerland (7)
Belarus (9)
Norway (11)
France (14)
Slovenia (15)

Tickets for the Ice Hockey World Championship

If you would like to buy tickets for any of the matches during the Ice Hockey World Championship 2017, then you can do so at the following site: Viagogo.

As you visit VIagogo do a search for “IIHF” and you will see tickets for all the different matches available, included group stage matches and the knockout stage matches and the finals.

Stream the event online

If you cannot come to Paris or Cologne to see the matches live, then there will still be chances for you to stream the events online. We do not know yet where you can do so, but we recommend that you visit the IP Address Guide where they will write about how you can stream the event online as the Ice Hockey World Championship approaches.

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Bruno Mars concerts in Paris 2017

This summer will be fantastic in Paris, and the three Bruno Mars concerts in Paris between June 5th and June 8th will only make it better.

This summer will be amazing in Paris. On June 3rd Deep Purple will perform in Paris, then comes Bruno Mars between June 5th and 8th, then comes Depeche Mode, then comes Robbie Williams, then comes Coldplay and then comes U2. Could we be asking for more? Some might say that we could ask for Adele as well, but unfortunately she will only perform in London during her short visit to Europe in 2017.

Bruno Mars will be out touring in Europe from late in March till the start of June. He will only have one or max two days off here and there, meaning that he has a very tight schedule as he tours Europe. There are lots of amazing cities that he will visit during his tour, but once he comes to Paris he will know that soon the tour is over. After the last Bruno Mars concert in Paris on June 8th he will leave for Lyon where he will perform, and once that concert is over, Bruno Mars is leaving Europe. So, this is one of your last chances to listen to Bruno Mars live in 2017. Are you gonna live with the chance?

Bruno Mars concerts in Paris 2017
Bruno Mars concerts in Paris 2017

Bruno Mars concerts in Paris 2017

AccorHotels Arena
June 5-8, 19.00 (or 20.00)

Tickets: Viagogo

To buy tickets for the Bruno Mars concerts in Paris, use the link above. There you can also find tickets for all the other Bruno Mars events in 2017, and you can also find events for lots of other events in Paris by simply searching for Paris in the search field.

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Deep Purple concert in Paris

On Saturday the third of June Deep Purple is coming to Paris to perform in the AccorHotels Arena. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening in Paris?

Deep Purple will travel across Europe and the United States celebrating the release of their new album Infinite in 2017. The tour will start in Romania in May, and after several stops in Europe the band will travel overseas to perform in the United States. In Europe the band will visit lots of fantastic cities, for example Prague, Zagreb, Vienna and the day before Deep Purple come to Paris, they will perform in Amsterdam.

It might be that Deep Purple will skip visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum this time, but since they have been to Paris several times before, they have probably visited these attractions at some other time. But, when you come to Paris you should not skip out on these attractions, after all Paris is one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Deep Purple Paris 2017

Deep Purple Paris 2017

AccorHotel Arena
June 3rd, 18:00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to be there in AccorHotels Arena at the Deep Purple concert in Paris on June 3rd, press the ticket link above. There you will find tickets to all the different Deep Purple concerts in Europe, and if you feel like watching a PSG match in addition, then you will find tickets to such football matches as well at the site.

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Green Day concert in Paris 2017

On February 3rd it is time for a Green Day concert in Paris. This is the last concert during their World Tour, so make sure not to miss out on this event!

The Green Day concert in Paris is the last concert in central Europe during their tour in 2017. But, if you are a big fan then you might want to know that there will be arranged some more Green Day concerts in the UK after the concert in Paris.  You can in other words leave Paris and travel to either Leeds, Manchester or London to listen to the popular punk band on February 5th, 6th or the 8th. The last of all concerts will be arranged in London on February 8th, so that is the very final opportunity to listen to Green Day in Europe in 2017.

Green Day concert in Paris
Get ready for the Green Day concert in Paris

Before coming to Paris Green Day will perform in big and popular cities such as Berlin, Bologna, Amsterdam, Prague and Oslo, but there are no cities in Europe as beautiful as Paris. As a result the best way and the best place to enjoy a Green Day concert is in Paris.

The Green Day concert in Paris will be arranged on February 3rd in the Accor Hotels Arena and the concert will start at 19.00.

Green Day concert in Paris

AccorHotels Arena
February 3rd, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

What do you think? If you want to be there at the Green Day concert in Paris, then you can buy tickets for the event using the ticket link above. If you’d rather skip the Green Day concert, then you should still visit the Eiffel Tower and may be enjoy a river cruise on the Seine in Paris. That is a fantastic program! You can read more about activities and stuff to do in Paris here in our Paris Guide.