20 year anniversary in Disneyland

In 2012 Disneyland Paris turns 20 years. The celebration will last until January 6th in 2013 and there will be lots of special things going on in the park to make this something to remember. The celebration has been going on since April 2012, but they have some special Christmas activities waiting for its visitors, so why not bring your children to Paris this Christmas and make it one of the most special Christmas presents your children has ever got?

If you visit the park, do not miss out on the magical anniversary train, the Disney Magic parade and all the other bonus activities available in the parks in these days.

It is not so hard to get from Paris to Disneyland, but if you want to, you can also find deals and book them online where the transfer from Paris to Disneyland is included. To find more information about such package deals for Disneyland, visit Paris City Vision.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Since Disneyland is a very famous park, it might be that you have already been there. If that is so, why not visit the not so famous Asterix Park instead. This park is located Plailly which is 30 kilometres from Paris. This is also a great place with roller coasters, different worlds to discover and much more. If you would be interested in a tour to the Asterix Park, visit Paris City Vision for an organized trip to the park.

(The visit to the Asterix Park offered on the above link is only available from April 1st in 2013.  Therefore if you are in town at the moment, you will have to visit Disneyland instead)

Disneyland Paris 20 year celebration

30 kilometers from Paris the amazing Disneyland can be found. For twenty years the parks have given joy to millions of people, and they are planning to do so also in the future. From April 1st until December 31st in 2012 Disneyland will celebrate their 20 year anniversary with special programs, magic lights and special colors.

Disneyland Paris 20 year celebrationAccording to the official Disneyland program there will there will be a night spectacular nighttime show named “Disney Dream.” This is the story from the Sleeping Beauty Castle where you can see spectacular flights of fancy wrapped around it as Peter Pan’s shadow escapes to bring you the rainbow reality of Disney Dreams. There will also be a new amazing parade, described as: “Flying out from their unforgettable stories trailing light, colour, music and magic, they glide through the park’s party atmosphere, before Mickey and friends shine in a spectacular finale.” During the celebration you are also invited to travel with the Celebration Train. The Celebration train travels throughout the day and the festive Birthday Train will be pulling in to Disneyland Park’s Central Plaza. It’s bringing the all-time Disney favourites like Minnie, Chip and Dale, Donald, Daisy and Pluto to Sleeping Beauty Castle, where they’ll take their places to meet with their fans and friends!

Another new thing during the celebration is that you are invited to join Mickey backstage in his theatre, where he will share some of his favourite props and costumes and even pose for a special photo souvenir with you and your family.

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