Paris is ready for Euro 2016

The opening of match in Euro 2016 will be played in exactly 51 hours from now. Romania, France and all of Europe is looking forward to the tournament. Based on the weather forecasts it can not be guaranteed that the weather will be beautiful, but it seems to become a nice Friday without rain, but maybe with some clouds.

The opening match will be played at the magnificent Stade de France and looking at the odds before the match there is little doubt about the fact that France is the big favorites. One should however not forget that Romania is a strong team that can fight hard and on a perfect day they might even beat France. Despite this fact most people believe the opening match will be an easy run for France and hopefully the Hungarian referee Viktor Kassai will make sure everything happens the way they should on the field. If you want to watch Romania vs France online, visit the following article.

If you actually come to Paris for this event or just as a simple tourist during the upcoming month you should be prepared to see lots of cops around in the streets as security is at its highest because of the European Championship in football. We believe and pray that everything will happen as they should and that France will be the team receiving the trophy after the final on July 10th.

If you want to know more about all the teams participating in Euro 2016 visit for more information about venues, teams, schedules and news.

If you have some time left make sure to visit the Louvre museum during daytime, visit the Eiffel tower to watch the matches outdoors in France and maybe pay a visit to Versailles as well!