Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris

Bruce Springsteen concert in ParisIs Bruce Springsteen and his concert in Paris 2016 the highlight of the year? For sure not! But, if you are in town on July 11th, why not check it out?

And do you know something. There will probably be lots of people in Paris on July 11th who are normally not there, but that is not because of the Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris on the same day, but because of the fact that the Euro 2016 final will be played on July 10th in Paris. If you want to be there at the different Euro matches then you can probably try to get some tickets still, or you can read more about how you can watch the Euro 2016 online right here.

The Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris will be arranged on July 11th and the venue for this concert will be Arena PopB, a venue getting more and more popular in Paris. If you want to buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris then you can do so using the link further down in this article. At that site you will also be able to buy tickets for all other Bruce Springsteen concerts in 2016, like his concert in Roma, Dublin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and so many other cities.

Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris

Arena PopB
July 11th, 19.30


We hope you will enjoy the Bruce Springsteen concert in Paris, and if you have some time in addition to watching the Euro 2016 final and the Bruce Springsteen concert, then we absolutely recommend that you visit the Eiffel Tower and all the other famous attractions in Paris.

Justin Bieber concerts in Paris

Justin Bieber live in ParisThe little lover-boy Justin Bieber is not that small, in fact he is one of the biggest and most popular people in the world at the moment. In September he will come to Paris and he will perform twice in the Arena Popb.

For most people the European Championship that will be arranged in France in June and July is the biggest even of the year and when it comes to security and media it for sure is. But, if you ask teenager girls in Paris which even they look most forward to in 2016, it is very likely that they will the Justin Bieber concerts in Paris in September 2016.

On September 20th and September 21st Justin Bieber will perform in the Popb Arena in Paris and it will be packed and not one free seat for these concerts. Luckily you can buy second hand tickets for the concerts, meaning that if you did not get your hands on tickets in the first place, then you can still buy tickets for this and all other Justin Bieber concerts in 2016 at the WorldTicketShop website. Notice that you there can buy tickets for the two Dublin concerts, the six London concerts and also all other Justin Bieber concerts, so a very good site if you really want to watch Justin Bieber live in 2016.

If you think that the tickets for the Paris concerts are high, then you could consider traveling to Zagreb instead to listen to Justin Bieber there since the tickets are much cheaper, and while in Zagreb you can also check out this European capital with some really nice attractions and cool activities. Of course the attractions can not be compared to the ones in Paris since the 10 nicest attractions in Paris all look much nicer and have a cooler history than the nicest in Zagreb, but still it is a very different atmosphere worth experiencing.

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Mariah Carey Paris 2016

Mariah Carey LiveOn April 21st it is time for the diva named Mariah Carey to come to Paris to sing our favorite songs from her newest album #1 To Infinity which was released in August 2015 and old hits from older records. Do you have a ticket for the Mariah Carey concert already? Time to prepare for an amazing evening!

The Mariah Carey concert in Paris will be arranged in a not so typical concert venue, in Arena PopB. The concert itself will be arranged on April 21st and it is supposed to start around 20.00, but if Mariah Carey do like most other pop stars she will probably come to stage quite a bit later than 20.00.

If you want to be there at the Mariah Carey concert and grab your hands on some good tickets, then WorldTicketShop is the number one place to buy tickets for all the Mariah Carey concerts in Europe in 2016. She will also perform in Amsterdam, Vienna, Krakow, Oslo and lots of other cities, so you will have plenty of chances to listen to Mariah Carey in 2016 if you want to.

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Have a wonderful Mariah Carey concert in Paris!